asie online

NOVEMBER 2018, solo project

As part of our UX/UI audit courses in l'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, we were first asked to redesign the website of the Asie-online agency individually. This agency offers trips with personalized itineraries throughout Asia. After this, we had to imagine and design in a fictitious way the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of the company so that a potential advisor could create a trip from a to z at the customer's request.


As an introduction to the subject, the work of modernizing and improving the user experience on the site allowed me to understand the field of activity and the different types of services offered by Asie-online. But also in a second step to set up a new graphic universe that I will use later in CRM.

Current website

UX/UI Audit

The site audit was important. First of all, it did not present any graphic coherence and therefore no real identity of its own, which is negative for the brand's image. In UX thermal baths many problems were to be noted, starting with the too many call to action on the page. Or the bad information architecture that hindered the user in his primary purpose, namely, to create a personalized trip or to learn about the services offered.

Redesigned version



The design of this company's CRM required a large amount of work in the design and creation thermal baths since it was necessary to master the subject perfectly in order to set up a viable and relevant ecosystem for an employee. The main objective of this work tool was to allow the creation of a personalized trip while being able to communicate with clients to answer their questions or needs.

To have an overview and understand more precisely the screens presented below you can consult the user journey of an employee by clicking here.

Personalised trip

In the following screens, the employee receives a request to create a trip. Thus he creates a new record if the customer is new or uses an existing one if not. After this, he selects the destination and fills in the necessary information before establishing a travel plan in agreement with the customer.


Here the employee can manage his requests by email, he can also access the profile of each customer, modify them and see the type of trips made or in progress. He also has access to the records of all service providers: hotels, restaurants, activities and many others.


This two-part project taught me to set up a graphic identity to reinforce a brand's image via its website while making the user experience coherent, more interesting and oriented towards the need or desire to create a trip and therefore to use this service.
By perfectly understanding the issues I was able to set up from a to z an optimized and useful CRM to easily meet the major needs of a potential employee. This is done while ensuring graphical and technical consistency across all interfaces.